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Getting to know Mario :)

My day consisted on: 1) Discussing GG with Mario. 2) Getting pissed at Mario because he actually liked Chuck/Vanessa (EWW) 3) Laughing at Mario because he looked like an idiot because the spent the whole geography hour playing with this Tickle-me-Elmo he got from VIMUN people. 4) Helping Mario tickle Rafael (my crush). That one came with a price: Rafael hit me on a boob with his elbow, I yelled "YOU BASTARD MY BOOB" he was like "JENNIFER I'M SO SO SO SORRY!" Mario LOLed while this happened. 5) Getting worried because Carolina told me she thinks Alejandra might try to get Rafael to like her to boost up her confidence. Why? Because she likes this idiot named Daniel who happens to be a first class a-hole. He played with her and now she's hurt and WE WARNED HER BECAUSE THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME HE DOES IT, BUT SHE DIDN'T LISTEN. ALL SHE DID WAS GET ANGRY AT US BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT HER AND DIDN'T WANT HER TO SUFFER FOR THAT IDIOT. AGAIN. Carolina also told me Alejandra does think Rafael like her, C told her "Rafael doesn't even talk to you" and 6) Having an awful math test :( but I think I passed it. Think is the keyword.
And who is Mario? He's a friend that I adore :) (Alejandra doesn't like him because she used to like him and he never liked her) and he loves GG! Like me, GG is a part of his life but sometimes he worries me... for example: a couple of months ago he had an interview with this college people and that day he brought a scarf to school, in the middle of class he calls me "Jenn, I need you to give me your honest opinion: HOW CHUCK BASS DO I LOOK?" I laughed so much I cried. Then another day I ask him "In which universities are you applying?" he tells me "Ok, Georgetown, NYU, Columbia and Brown, LIKE SERENA" IT WAS AWESOME.
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